Standing on a Desk

How mad am I that today’s reverb didn’t come before day 1 – one word to sum up 2010.

Today we were asked to talk about community – which do we belong to, what we want to belong to, etc.  Well ladies and gentleman, 2010 has been the year of the community for me.  Not only did I join new personal and professional communities, but I also became a community manager.   I am pretty sure I don’t go an hour without saying the word community at least once.

Before I go into all of the communities I love and think you should check out, I want to define what I think a community is.  Just like these reverb posts – communities come in all shapes, sizes and colors.  Some are small, others are large.  Some are loud and some a bit quiet.  The most recognizable are organized like clubs, sports, tweet chats, churches, etc.  But never over look the unofficial communities of your friends, family, family friends, co-workers and more.    Either way – I love them all.  To me, a community is any size group of people that are sharing information, goals, or view points to better themselves or the people around them.

I’ve been joining and participating in organized communities as long as I can remember.  Sports teams, clubs, sororities, student government, twitter, blogger…the list goes on and on.  Now, not only am I a participant but I help run a community.  Okay, fine, so I am a little bit obsessed.  The people, the organization, the drive, the laughs are all what keep me coming back and looking for more.

Have you ever stood on a desk in a classroom? Then move to the one next to it.  The one next to that and so on and so forth.  (I’m not crazy I promise I am going some where).  To me, communities are like this.  Each of the desks are all organized in my own personal classroom and there is a different perspective from the top of each one of them.  That perspective changes the look for your entire room.  So it may be random, but if you’ve stood on top of a desk, you know what I am talking about.

What desks make up your classroom?  Remember – they aren’t always organized.  Break them all down and then think about how you can stand on the top of ALL of your communities.  Get to that different perspective and build your classroom.

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