I’m Sorry…Do I Know You?

If you’re reading my blog, you probably have some form of online presence.  Whether you like it or not, having an account with programs like Facebook, LinkedIn, MySpace or Twitter gives you an online presence and personality.  Every post, status update, tweet and picture helps build your online persona.

Recently I have had the pleasure of meeting a lot of the professionals that I talk to every day on Twitter.  Right before I meet them the apprehension sets in.  Are they going to be like their tweets?  Will I recognize them?  Do we actually have the same things in common?  Luckily, the delightful @prCog set us up for Karaoke, and when singing like a fool and cocktails are involved, those questions go right out the window.

Although everyone that attended the LAFaoke was basically just like they are online (lots of laughing, great convo, and some terrible singing), there have been people I have met that are completely different than the persona they portray.

So I am just putting out a quick post to say, BE YOURSELF – whatever that may be. If you are interested in fashion like the great @ChristaMarzan, tweet about fashion. If you are a foodie like @EmilysPearl, tweet and post about that. Own it, be yourself and portray it well.

Don’t get me wrong, I’ve had to learn this lesson as well – those of you who know me, know that.  I learned that although it is only 140 characters, or just a status update – you are not speaking to someone.  Know that your message is being read and interpreted by their voice, not yours.  It’s not always the easiest to express exactly what you mean.  One way I learned to get around this was to read posts I question out loud.  See if it makes sense and is in line with I am.

I also don’t want you to only tweet about one thing.  Be creative, be informative, and be educated about the variety of content.  If you are not outgoing, don’t pretend to be.  If you know nothing about sports, don’t tweet about sports.

I hope that most of you know who I am from my posts and status updates.  Please feel free to call me out if I am in question.

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